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Sweet Czech Cuisine


Famous Recipes from Prague’s Best Chefs!

Many Czech fairy tales have the main character: the swain Honza. Czech Honza is skillful, hardworking, and cheerful. He knows everything, and what he doesn’t, he learns from the world into which he travels to gain experiences. His mother bakes a batch of buns or kolaches and ties them within a headscarf that gets strung on a stick which Honza carries over his shoulder. Singing happily, he sets out into the world.

There he gains experience, learns a craft, meets a lot of new people, and frees the kingdom from a hungry dragon or the magic of an evil witch. As a reward, he usually gets a princess for his wife and half of the kingdom. And all thanks to the fact that his mother baked kolache and buns for him…

Czech sweet cuisine will simply guarantee you a happy and cheerful life. And it doesn’t matter if you like Honza’s buns, kolaches, grandma’s bundt cake, or “laskonka, kremrole or větrník” from Czech confectioneries. Our sweet dishes astonish many tourists, who are surprised that Czech cuisine often serves sweet food as the main course.

But once they taste apricot dumplings or noodles with poppy seeds or just ordinary hot semolina porridge, they will want to set off on fairy tale adventures of their own.

In this first part of our cookbook Sweet Czech Cuisine you`ll find recipes for pastries made from yeast dough, mixed batter, and also sweet dishes. In the second part, which will follow, there are recipes for layered pastries, desserts, and Christmas cookies.