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Prague through the eyes
of a young American

The footages of Prague of Kevin Alone has been used also in a global trailer of tennis match Laver Cup 2017, an American-Australian-Swiss exhibition tennis project organized by TEAM8 Roger Federer.

Who is Kevin

And what is his story about

Mother a Czech, dad an American – fate has found thirteen year old Kevin alone in Prague. Alone for the first time in Europe, in the Czech Republic. He is alone in the middle of one of
the most beautiful cities in the world, a city overfilled with historical landmarks and their stories. What friends he will make while uncovering these tales and what he discovers, will be
seen in our movie.


With financial support of

Prague City Hall

Under the patronage of

Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnacova, Cardinal Dominik Duka, commission chairman of UNESCO Petr Gazdik, and Mayor of the district Prague 2 Jana Cernochova

Hummingbird Stories LLC
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Gladstone, MO 64188

Pavlína O'Toole
Jana Smetánková

contact: Jana Smetánková
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