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The story and the documentary movie

Kevin na schodišti

Who is Kevin

And what’s his story

Thirteen-year-old Kevin, living in Kansas City, found himself on a visit to Prague, where he met with recent undergraduate Jakub. Kevin loves history and is interested in the native country of his mother. He especially loves stories and legends about knights and other heroes. Jakub offers to be Kevin’s guide through Prague and during their journey, shows him many sights and tells him stories from the distant and not so distant past.

James passes with Kevin four routes, each of which has six stops, Prague’s major sights, and each of them hiding in addition to the historical significance and beauty of architecture stories of people from Czech history. In the movie, the audience will learn about the mythical forefather Čech or about the Czech king and Roman Emperor Charles IV, who built the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, started building St. Vitus Cathedral or founded Charles University, one of the oldest universities in Europe.

About president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and his American wife Charlotte Garrigue-Masaryk, or Milada Horáková, a Czech politician who was executed by the Communist regime after a manipulated political trial and whose pardon was vainly requested by Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill. About the occupation of 1968, when Prague was quaking by shooting of Russian soldiers and and the barricades were burning in the middle of the town or about the Velvet Revolution of 1989, after which democracy was restored in the country.

But also about the heroism of the Czech RAF paratroopers who, with the help of the home resistance, made an assassination of the third man of the Nazi Empire, Reinhard Heydrich or about Golem, Franz Kafka and the victims of the Holocaust, or about Sir Nicholas Winton, who, just before the World War II, moved nearly 700 Jewish children from Prague to Great Britain and saved them from transport to concentration camps – he is justly called “the British Schindler”.

About the construction of the National Theater, which was built by even a tiny financial contribution from people – and our heroes played on the stage a part of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Or about Karel Hasler, actor, director, national hero – but also folk songwriters of the first half of the 20th century, after which they are still named candies Hašlerky.

But also about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose opera Don Giovanni had the world premiere in Prague, at The Estates Theatre, or even the devils and water sprites and many others, so that he could recognize the soul of Prague and her heroes in such a fun and interesting way.

Throughout the film, Jakub also reveals to Kevin, one of the greatest secrets from Czech history.

Nerudova ulice


The documentary

Kevin Alone is a feature-length documentary, with thirty other actors in his side roles, among them:

  • Cardinal and Archbishop of Prague Dominik Duka performed himself and told about his friendship with president Vaclav Havel, with whom he was imprisoned by the Communist regime
  • Barbora Munzarová, a member of a significant Czech theatre family, performed at the stop The Estates Theater
  • actor Jan Potmešil told Kevin about the Velvet Revolution and the role of DAMU students at that time (Jan Potměšil was badly injured at the time of the Velvet Revolution, since then he is using a wheelchair, but this fact does not prevent him from being a great theatre actor)

The routes

Kevin will guide the viewers through

Trasa 1 – Hradčany

#1 Hradčany area

From Letná to Loretánské náměstí, across Hradčanské náměstí to the Prague Castle and from Old Castle Steps to Klárov.

Trasa 2 – Staré Město

#2 Old Town

Jewish Quarter, Jan Palach Square, Charles Bridge, Anenske Square, Old Town Square including the Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall Tower. Zelezna street to the Prague Estates Theater, Clementinum and forth to Ungelt back towards Old Town Square.

Trasa 3 – Praha hrdinů

#3 Prague of Heroes

Main Railway Station, Vinohradska Street and Czech Radio. Wenceslas Square, from Narodni trida to the National Theater and along the river to Vysehrad, focusing on the church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, also known as “the parachutist’s church” on Resslova street.

Trasa 4 – Malá Strana

#4 Lesser Town (Mala Strana)

From Snemovni Street across Lesser Town Square to Kampa Island, Church of our Lady Victorious (Prague`s Infant Jesus), Petrin Lookout Tower and Strahov Monastery and Strahov`s Library.

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